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Googles® Eye Shields

Googles® Eye Shields

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  • Easier lens attachment. No more fumbling. Up to 50% faster to install lens versus old Googles.
  • Larger lens for increased protection against infection, yet not bulky or boxy – More than ½ inch increased lens length on each side of your face.
  • Sleek, rounded frame. No more sharp edges, no more accidental scratches.

Kerr TotalCare is proud to carry Googles. By using our Dental Googles, all professionals can safely contribute to infection control and creating a clean environment for patients. As always, we are dedicated to providing total solutions to care for you and your patients. To purchase Googles, select the Buy Now option. Or, view the Product Details tab to learn more about Dentist Googles.

Same great features you expect from Googles

  • Feather light weight for all-day comfort. No five o’clock headache.
  • Fog free lens
  • Distortion-free, optical grade plastic lenses
  • Fits easily over glasses
  • Economical reusable frames
  • UV amber and tinted lenses available

Eye Shields

Part no. Product Description
GOP10-N Googles Eye Shields - office pack
Contains: 10 Frames, 20 Clear Lenses, 1 Yikes Neck Strap
GDLR100-N Googles Eye Shields - clear lenses refill pack of 100
refill pack of 100
GDLR25-N Googles Eye Shields - clear lenses refill pack of 25
refill pack of 25
GBL10-N Googles Eye Shields - amber tinted lenses
pack of 10
GTDLR25-T Googles Eye Shields - tinted lenses
pack of 25
GFA10-N Googles Eye Shields - assorted frames
pack of 10 will include 2 out of 5 colors
GFB10-N Googles Eye Shields - blue frames
pack of 10
GFP10-N Googles Eye Shields - purple frames
pack of 10
GFPK10-N Googles Eye Shields - pink frames
pack of 10
GFT10-N Googles Eye Shields - teal frames
pack of 10
GFY10-N Googles Eye Shields - yellow frames
pack of 10
YOP5-N Yikes neck straps
pack of 5
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