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CaviCide1™ & CaviWipes1™

CaviCide1™ & CaviWipes1™

Learn More About CaviCide1 and CaviWipes1

Exceptionally fast and effective, CaviCide1™ and CaviWipes1™ are Kerr TotalCare’s next generation EPA- approved surface disinfectants designed to clean and disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces in the dental clinical working environment in 1 minute. Both products offer low alcohol (22.5%) surface disinfection, with clinically-relevant, broad spectrum, microorganism kill claims including: Tuberculosis, HIV-1, HBV, HCV, Influenza H1N1, MRSA, Salmonella enterica, and ESBL E. coli.

CaviCide1 and CaviWipes1 do not contain phenols, bleach, or other toxic chemicals. The non-corrosive products are gentle on surfaces and compatible with most hard, non-porous surfaces. Packaged in convenient, ready-to-use configurations, CaviCide1 and CaviWipes1 are perfect for cleaning, disinfecting and decontaminating environmental surfaces and medical devices.


  •     1-minute contact time for TB, virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal activity
  •     Available in multiple configurations for your office needs
  •     Fragrance free
  •     Bleach and phenol free
  •     Multi-purpose cleaner for everyday use
  •     Satisfies OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard


Part no. Product Description Quantity
13-5002 CaviCide1 bottle 2oz
13-5008 CaviCide1 bottle 8oz
13-5024 CaviCide1 bottle 24 oz
13-5000 CaviCide1 bottle 1 Gallon
13-5025 CaviCide1 bottle 2.5 Gallon
13-5055 CaviCide1 drum 55 Gallon


Part no. Product Description Quantity
13-5100 CaviWipes1 6" x 6.75" wipes, canister of 160
13-5150 CaviWipes1 Extra Large 9" x 12" wipes, canister of 65
13-5155 CaviWipes1 Extra Large Singles 9" x 12" wipes, 50 singles per carton
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