Total solutions to Care for you and your patients

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  • Total solutions to Care for you and your patients

    At Kerr TotalCare, we have the dental hygienist and dental professionals in mind. We care about offering solutions to the provider, so they can focus on providing the highest level of care to their patients.

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  • Total Hygiene Workflow

    Kerr TotalCare understands the challenges facing today's oral health providers, and has products to help them across the three primary components of the hygiene workflow: Room Prep/Turnover, Preventive and Operatory Cleanup. These 3 parts all work together in one continuous flow from patient to patient. Each component is as important as the other, as it is all defines what hygiene professionals are faced with every day.

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  • Official white paper on dental surface disinfection

    Official white paper on dental surface disinfection

    The risk of contracting a serious infection while providing or receiving dental care is a compelling concern for millions of patients and dental workers. Dental care experts cover protocols and best practices for infection prevention in the dental operatory.

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